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What to know before buying

What includes?
    • Round-trip transportation: The tour includes transportation to and from your hotel in Punta Cana to the departure point for the safari.
    • Off-road adventure: The tour takes you on an off-road adventure through the scenic Dominican countryside, allowing you to explore the hidden gems of the region.
    • Visit to a local plantation: During the tour, you will visit a local plantation and learn about the traditional crops and farming techniques used in the Dominican Republic.
    • Secluded beach visit: You will also have the opportunity to visit a secluded beach, where you can enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and relax in the sun.
    • Cave visit: The tour includes a visit to a cave, where you can explore the underground world of the Dominican Republic.
    • Traditional Dominican lunch: The tour includes a traditional Dominican lunch, giving you the chance to sample local cuisine and experience the culture of the region.
What is not included?
    • Gratuities: Gratuities for the tour guide and driver are not included in the tour price. It is customary to tip them if you are satisfied with their services.
    • Souvenirs and personal expenses: Any souvenirs, personal expenses, or additional food or drinks that are not included in the tour package are the responsibility of the visitor.
    • Travel insurance: Visitors are responsible for purchasing their own travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances, such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage.
    • Optional activities: Some tour operators may offer optional activities or upgrades that are not included in the standard tour package. Visitors may need to pay an additional fee for these activities.
Hygiene and safety measures
    • Temperature checks: Visitors and staff may have their temperature checked before boarding the truck.
    • Sanitization: The truck may be regularly sanitized before and after each tour, and hand sanitizer may be provided to visitors and staff.
    • Face masks: Visitors and staff may be required to wear face masks during the tour, especially when in close proximity to others.
    • Social distancing: Visitors may be required to practice social distancing during the tour, especially when in close proximity to others.
    • Limited capacity: Tour operators may limit the number of visitors per tour to ensure social distancing and safety measures can be implemented effectively.