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You are free to change plans, if necessary. This flexible booking activity includes:

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  • punta cana airport vip service
    Modifiable date

    You can modify the date of your activity up to 24 hours before doing it.

  • vip service at punta cana airport
    FREE Cancelation

    You can cancel and recover the cost of your activity up to 24 hours before doing it.

  • handicap shuttle service in punta cana
    Safety Measure

    security is a great way to bring awareness.

  • wheelchair accessible shuttle in punta cana
    Best Price guarantee

    We guarantee that the prices for our products will be at the best price in the market.

What to know before buying

What includes?

    Standard Package:

    • Admission to the club
    • Selection of local drinks

    Gold Package:

    • VIP admission
    • Reserved exclusive area
    • Premium drinks
    • Waiter service

    Platinum Package:

    • Front-row seating
    • VIP admission
    • Premium drinks
    • Dedicated waiter
    • Exclusive access to the VIP area
What is not included?
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Hygiene and safety measures
    • Temperature checks: All guests will have their temperature checked upon entry to the club.
    • Sanitizing stations: Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the club for guests to use.
    • Social distancing: We have reduced capacity and reconfigured our seating to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed.
    • Cleaning protocols: We have implemented rigorous cleaning protocols throughout the club, including regular sanitizing of high-touch surfaces.
    • Ventilation: Our ventilation system has been optimized to ensure proper airflow and circulation.
    • Staff training: Our staff has undergone extensive training on hygiene and safety protocols.